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Interior Design Trends In Singapore To Style Your Home

HDB flats that caught our eye and will definitely make you want to spend all your time curling up at home. You can mix up the styles and incorporate some of them to create a unique comfy abode to call home.

1. Masculine Neon Industrial

When it comes to industrial, I think of raw concrete floors and walls, track lights, brick walls that are deliberately left incomplete for that grunge look. Pair these with a posh leather sofa that will stand out from all the other elements in the house.

Add in a neon light feature across your living room’s wall for that extra cool look.

2. Simply Scandinavian

It’s not difficult to see why every new HDB homeowner is going crazy over Scandinavian inspiration for their home decor. Clean, streamlined designs dominate the theme, sticking to simplistic styles that are soothing and relaxing for everyday living. Add colours by using bright accessories to set a cheery tone.

3. Scandustrial Taobao Home

“Scandustrial” is a portmanteau of Scandinavian and Industrial, the two recent hot interior design trends listed above. And yes, you’re looking at that right — it’s a home designed and furnished entirely with Taobao items, from the lights to the chairs, down to the Snorlex looking very comfortable in the corner.

The world’s your oyster when you shop at China’s leading E-commerce site; it sells anything and everything! You’ll definitely need a keen pair of eyes to filter through the millions of items to put together a home with details that fit to a tee, but it’ll be so worth it.

It’s only a matter of time before most nifty newly weds start turning to Taobao to get everyday items that won’t cost an arm and a leg. Now, don’t be judging, you could very well be sitting on a Taobao-bought sofa that has been sold to you at three times its original price.

4. Warm Hygge Style

Pronounced as “Hoo-ga” or “Hue-guh”, Hygge is set to become a very trendy interior design choice for many HDB owners. It’s essentially a way of life adopted by the Danish, aka the happiest people on Earth.

Hygge focuses on cosiness, coming together or creating a sanctuary to escape life’s hustles. A home that is laid back and effortlessly warm.

While Singapore isn’t a country for snuggling up with thick throws, you can incorporate Hygge into your home by adding fur textures and candles to create an inviting atmosphere.

5. Resort Home

Come home to a relaxing resort-styled abode that will definitely calm your senses from a hectic day with the neutral colour tones.

Play around with the different shades of brown, and amp up the atmosphere by placing scented candles in every room, making it smell like you’re living by the sea.

6. Modern European With A Pop Of Colour

I just love how the wainscoting wall elevates the HDB flat into a polished European home. Decorate with bronze frames and motifs to add a little more elegance.

Steer away from plain whitewashed and neutral hues by including loud, fun colours to make the room pop.

7. Minimalist Theme

You’ll never go wrong with a minimalist-themed home — rid of clutter, it is an epitome of simple living, making your home timeless.

Top that with a raw, edgy feel by playing around with materials including wood, cement floors and metallic elements.

8. Vintage Home With Patterned Peranakan Tiles

Add a tiny piece of heritage into your HDB design with pattered Peranakan tiles, which are gaining popularity amongst those who desire to style their house after simplicity.

Laying your entire house with patterned tiles may become too much of an eye sore, instead use it to accentuate a small area of your room where you’d like to have your eyes focus on.

9. Classic Kinfolk Style

We’ve ogled at the homes featured in Kinfolk Home and often dream of living the carefree lifestyle it portrays.

Borrow these styles by opting for herringbone parquet flooring, and keep in mind that the essence is to really enjoy slow living.

10. Eclectic Style With Bohemian Touches

A little bohemian with a mix of colours is truly a home for the artistic creative. Studio JP designed a resale three-room flat in Marine Terrace with exactly that in mind: A HDB flat-owner who desires a simple space where he can conduct art classes, yet allowing his personality to shine through the little intricate details of the house.

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