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Best Ten Ways to Become Rich

The majority wants to make tons of money but don’t want to work for it as they know it takes a lot of effort and hard work to make that happen.

But what if I told you there are some easier ways to become rich? Obviously, you will need some luck to help you out, but the good thing is that for many you don’t even have to get out of your own house to make money!

So, here are the top ten ways to become wealthy:

1. Start your own business

Perhaps the most effective way to becoming rich is starting up your own business. If you have a unique idea and you are able to meet people’s needs with innovative solutions or products, you are halfway to making millions! Take Mark Zuckerberg for example, as he is currently making billions thanks to Facebook. While this will require some time and effort, if you manage to build a successful business, the rewards will be much greater than you can imagine!

2. Marry someone wealthy

Why even bother getting a job when you can just marry someone who’s really wealthy? While this is a very lazy way to make money, it is definitely not at all easy. Even though you may find a woman or a man who is a cash machine, you can’t force love and chances are you are going to be miserable if you are only in it for the money!

3. Sell your stuff online

An excellent way of making money is selling your stuff online. eBay is a great place for you to start from, so if becoming rich is your ultimate goal, post everything valuable you own and sell your belongings to other people who might need it. Look at Beth Marbach who started with selling books and DVDs, and some years later had made $4 million by selling designer shoes around the world!

4. Open a savings account

Opening a savings account is perhaps the safest and most logical approach to making money. Despite the fact that it will probably take years until you get to that six-figure cash balance, it’s one way of ensuring you are making decent money and it’s definitely going to be worth it.

5. Sue someone

Did you know you can make a fortune by just suing someone very wealthy? Obviously, this is very risky – not to mention dangerous – since there is the possibility that person or company wins the lawsuit against you and you end up paying that money for yourself or even going to jail.

6. Invest in the stock market

Another rather risky thing to do with the prospect of getting rich is investing in the stock market. Nevertheless, it is a lazy and an easy way to make money provided that you have a cash load to begin with. With the stock market, you never know when you are going to win or lose, and investing money in the wrong business can cost you a lot. The best way to do it is starting low and moving on from there.

7. Make a viral video

Making a viral video is all that it takes to become famous and ultimately make big money. If you think you have a special talent, or have something funny to show to other people, create a YouTube channel and publish a series of viral videos. You never know how many views you are going to get, but this has worked for many people before, including Justin Bieber who is currently one of the most highest-earning celebrities under the age of 30!

8. Win the lottery

Although winning the lottery pretty much depends on how lucky you are, you are free to take your chances. This might be the easiest and quickest way to becoming rich, though it is highly unlikely to win millions of dollars in one go or any money at all! However, it might be worth the shot!

9. Publish a book

If you are a writer, you can write and publish a book and hope to get millions out of it. Look at George R.R. Martin, novelist and author of the ‘Game of Thrones’ series. Writing up ‘A Dance with Dragons’ might have taken him six years, though he managed to publish the book and become a highly successful author who currently earns about $15 million per year!

10. Fill out surveys 24 hours a day

If you have been praised for your patience and persistence in the past, you may want to take up this ‘profession’. Filling out online surveys surely is a repetitive job, but it can help you earn lots of money! The downside to it is that it requires that you give out personal information to strangers and the fact that it will take some years until you get rich!

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